Sahara: I accidentally put a pill on my cotton candy.

Spot: oh my god sahara don't put pills on cotton candies they might swear at what you did blablabla

Sahara: meh eats cotton candy with pill on it

Sahara: &^#$%#%^#%&$#^%#*#$$^$%^#$$*&$^*^$)%^&$&(^ Spot! &^$UR$^%^$)%^#$@&@#(%*%)%%^(&$^&$(#$$*$$*%)^*)%)%))*&%)*%&)&*%&^%

Spot: I'm sending you to Jail!

in jail

Sahara: swears at feather

Feather: sahara that's rude! now you're gonna stay in here until you've stopped swearing

Sahara: ok


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